Chistian Sampedro


Train the spontaneity, develop imagination, or enhance the creativity are some of the skills that Christian Sampedro will teach students of Factory Models. Christian is an actor trained at the schools of Juan Carlos Corazza and Gerardo Ruano Lafontaine. Schools of education have taught him to transmit the illusion for the performance and enhance the ability to interact with peers to future models of the Agency. Sampedro has participated in famous films such as “La Presa” (2011) or “Ladrones” (2007) and in seven short films award at the festival de Málaga. But if there is a sector where it is known, that is the advertising since he has made numerous commercials for brands such as Coca Cola, Movistar, Ariel, Renault, McDonalds, Milka, Lays, Nivea or BBVA, among others. A space in which future models will learn everything about the dramatic art in media such as film, television and advertising.

Adrian Henry


Founder and director of Factory Models, Adrian Henry, will be responsible that you learn to master the movements of your body to maintain a good position on the runway. Adrian started his career as a professional the same year becoming a top Asian model model with 15 years and spent the next seven years working in China, Italy, France, USA, Japan, Great Britain, Mexico and Brazil. On the catwalk it has extensive experience since he has modelled for major brands such as Armani, Calvin Klein, Prada, Moschino, Dior or Levis. When he was 21 years old he became European supermodel and with 26, decided to create his own modeling agency Factory Models to teach their knowledge and their love for fashion students.

Javier Núñez


Know be and relate with others are the maxims of a professional model. Castings, interviews, parades, travel… must know how to behave in all situations and so Javier Nuñez, Bachelor of fine arts and a degree in fashion design from Instituto Europeo di design (IED) is responsible for preparing students to face these situations successfully. Javier takes more than four Couture collections, published in Japan, Belgium, Mexico, France and Amsterdam. Nunez has also more than 15 years working as a stylist in cinema, television and advertising. For its originality when it comes to being creative Desigual clothing brand, started a project around the world of customization from which was chosen by Digital Plus to present its program “Customiza tu ropa” with great success at national and international level. He has also participated as an expert of fashion programs “Mi casa como nueva” in Nova, part of Atresmedia and “Los Reyes del empeño” of the Sexta.

Mario Iglesias Whitmill


Keep the healthy mind in a healthy body is essential in order to develop the talent with guarantees of success. Models to do so must use healthy habits and physical exercise. It will handle Mario Iglesias Whitmill Bachelor of INEF at the Polytechnic University of Madrid. Mario is a specialist in personal training and adapting training to the needs of the students. The celebrities to which Advisor include the actress Antonia San Juan (actress, Director and producer, known for her role of Estela Reynolds in “La que se avecina”), Marisa Gutierrez (presenter of “Mi casa como nueva” and “Esta casa era una ruina” for Antena 3) or Luis Miguel Seguí (actor, producer and screenwriter, also known for his role as single in “La que se avecina”).

Carmen Vena


Carmen Bena stylist will be responsible for the students to learn the importance of the combination of clothes, accessories, accessories and clothing in the time. The image is fundamental for a model as well as possible changes in style throughout his professional career. Carmen, holds a master in advice of image and Personal Shopper and has collaborated with major magazines such as Shangay Magazine, El Duende or Antidemi girlfriends and has been celebrities stylist Eva Isanta, Marina San Jose, Marc Clotet, Unax Ugalde, or Marta Torné, among others. She is also an expert in styling for brides.

Alfie Gómez


Techniques, photographic poses, gestures, or how to communicate in a professional session are different aspects of the photographer Alfie Gómez training in their classes. After his master’s degree in photography at the International Center of photography and film (EFTI) Alfi Gómez begins a solo career in the world of photography and film in 2010. In 2013, directs the Spanish film lighting equipment “Rainy days”, featuring actors such as Armando de el Río or Ismael Martínez. From 2013 until now works as Director of photography for multiple video clips to Atresmedia, Tele 5, Cuatro and La Sexta. It is also in this year when it creates the Photography Studio that also bears his name to fashion, advertising and tests.

Gabriela de Ogueta


The face is the most expressive part of the body and first impressions are essential to make a good impression for them Ogueta Gabriela, who worked as a make-up artist of M.A.C. It will be that students have mastered the techniques and makeup trends and be able to take advantage. Gabriela participated in the launch of the brand of makeup G4E, which developed all styles of makeup for this brand and conducted technical courses of artistic hair and different workshops for various fashion photographers.