The course which consists of seven training courses where we prepare and guide young people with talent who want to work as models or fashion professionals


    Our team of professionals will teach you various techniques and tools you need to get started in the world of interpretation, a simple and entertaining way. Acquire a good preparation will allow you to increase your chances in the castings and future work as a model.


    Engage in a natural way on catwalk shows the professionalism of a model. In Factory Models we will teach you to master your body and you will discover the tricks needed to control nerves over the runway so you can March with confidence and sure of yourself.


    Know be and relate with others are the maxims of a professional model. Castings, interviews, parades, travel… must know how to behave in all situations and in all contexts. Know change log at every moment is key depending on who you are and where you are and our team of professionals will give you the keys to do so with the maximum guarantees.


    Your health, your performance, your physical appearance will be the central themes that work in the field of personal training. This aspects as important as the routines and habits acquired as well as all matters relating to nutrition and physical exercise, keys are scanned for a healthy life and enjoy and be happy with the profession of model.


    The area of training that will address topics such as the combination of items, colors, accessories, accessories and basics as well as everything related to the personal image of the model.


    Our person skilled in the art teacher will teach you the techniques and the photographic poses of professional models so that you can also do it. Learn to navigate before the camera or how to look the best image in each photography session will be two of the main objectives of the course.


    Make-up and hairdressing are two key areas in the world of fashion. The magic of makeup and expressiveness achieved modeling your hair will be analysed in this area of training. Here we teach you how to get the most possible, the beauty you already have.