Model Agency  in Madrid. Factory Models is more than an agency of models. Our goal is to educate people on values, enhance their skills and motivate them to achieve the objectives proposed in the life. Factory Models are specialists in creating image as accredits our upward trajectory as a modeling agency and as guarantee our clients year after year.

We are a young, dynamic, serious and creative agency with a clear strategy of expansion. In Factory Models we offer the best possible representation to our models and actors, therefore we also have a portfolio of foreign customers with whom to work.

The commitment and respect are fundamental principles in Factory Models. Commitment to what one does, with what they believe, and respect towards others and towards yourself. And that is final, the model profession that, know be and in life and not to give up to get what one dreams.

For this we have a cast of great professionals who are responsible for modeling the boys and girls who enter Factory Models and making them great people, great professionals willing to deal with whatever life throws at them. And it is the triumph of our models is also ours.